Would YOU like to be a University of Gibraltar PhD Researcher?

The University of Gibraltar is a new, dynamic university located in one of the world’s most important crossing points. The Straits of Gibraltar has served as both bridge and barrier between Africa and Europe, and the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, since prehistory. This makes it ideally placed to become a centre of excellence generating high-quality original academic research.

The University of Gibraltar has identified five key goals that align with the university’s strategic pathways and that will inform research activities over the next five years. In line with this, the university’s research effort should:

  • Support excellence in scholarship
  • Match our strengths with opportunities
  • Increase our research capacity, particularly in Gibraltar-related matters
  • Create a dynamic research environment to promote research excellence
  • Invest in individuals and provide the infrastructure and support for each to excel in his or her chosen field of inquiry or expression.

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Why should I become a University of Gibraltar PhD Researcher?

When you become a University of Gibraltar PhD Researcher, you are provided with a range of facilities and support structures to assist you in your research studies. These facilities include:

  • Use of the University of Gibraltar premises, including access to relevant Associate Campuses of the University of Gibraltar and their resources, including The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, The Gibraltar Museum and The Gibraltar Garrison Library;
  • A local academic supervisor to personally support you with your studies;
  • Access to specialist equipment and other researchers;
  • Additional top-up research funding;
  • Taught courses to complement and support main research themes;
  • Opportunities to meet and collaborate with specialists in your chosen field of research;
  • A collegiate atmosphere within which to undertake your research

Interested? Then read on to see how easy it is to apply:

Our degrees are available to those who want to pursue their studies through conventional research and those who would like to turn an existing body of published work into a PhD. For more information on how to turn your published work into a PhD please click here.

The doctoral programme is normally open to anyone who:

  • holds a recognised Masters degree; or
  • has a good honours degree and research or professional experience at postgraduate level

The following flowchart outlines the main steps in applying to become a University of Gibraltar PhD Researcher. This also has the added advantage of having experienced University of Gibraltar academics assist you in preparing your research proposal.

Application pathway for University of Gibraltar PhD Researchers

So what are you interested in studying?

You may propose any Gibraltar and Mediterranean related subject as your research area, but a number of research themes have been identified and will be given priority in the selection process (see below). You are free to develop your specific research proposal within these areas. If you wish to discuss your potential research, before preparing your proposal, please contact phdresearchers@unigib.edu.gi providing a telephone number. You will then receive a call from one of our potential research supervisors. These themes are outlined below:

Research themes (2016-17)

  1. Neanderthal ecology and environment with particular reference to Gibraltar;
  2. The Constitutional Development of Gibraltar;
  3. Behaviour, management and control of urban-adapted wildlife species in Gibraltar;
  4. Sephardic culture and history in Gibraltar and the Iberian Peninsula;
  5. Species distributions, climate change and conservation: Gibraltar past and present;
  6. Gambling and responsible behaviour;
  7. Marine protected species and conservation in Gibraltar waters and the surrounding area
  8. Archaeology of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Fortress town of Gibraltar;
  9. Sports in small countries – crowd management and policing strategies;
  10. Education: Developing pedagogies in 21st Century Gibraltar.

You are free to develop your specific research proposal within these areas.

Important note: The Research Committee will consider any proposal on merit, quality and relevance and value to Gibraltar, so even if your ideal research theme does not fall into one of the categories above, you are strongly encouraged to submit an expression of interest.

You will then be contacted by the University who will put you in contact with one of our specialist research supervisors with whom you can discuss your potential research, before preparing your proposal.

Your initial PhD proposal should:

    1. Have a sound and original research rationale, if possible grounded on your already demonstrated strengths and expertise;
    2. Identify 3-5 research questions that guide the research study;
    3. Align with at least one of the University of Gibraltar’s priority research themes as described above;
    4. Identify the potential benefits of the research to the wider community;
    5. Be focussed enough to clearly identify the overall objectives, questions and potential methodologies of the research to be undertaken, but sufficiently open to allow supervisors to assist with shaping the direction of the research;
    6. Evidence the viability of the proposed research (eg: in terms of time, financial cost, access to research sites/participants/documents);
    7.  A short bibliography which can support your proposal;
    8.  A biographical summary which identifies relevant qualifications, experience or training
    9. Be no longer than 10 pages.

The Closing Date for submission of the Proposal and Full Application for the academic year 2016/2017 is now closed. The application process for the academic year 2017/2018 will be opening shortly.

Download PhD Information Leaflet here