Marine Science students sample Gibraltar’s waters

Post by Ken Ruiz MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change student

Our Master’s in Marine Science and Climate Change students have once again been out in the waters around Gibraltar to survey its shoreline. 

On this occasion, lecturer Dr Awantha Dissanayake and student Ken Ruiz set about a snorkelling survey of our accessible shoreline, better to plan species sampling for practical sessions for the current and future students on the programme.

This was a different experience from other practical sessions. Unlike previous practicals this was not part of a module, rather preparation for future modules, and the survey was carried out by boat. Clearance had been obtained from the DEHCC for Ken to take his boat inside the exclusion buoys at the various beaches and inside Rosia Bay while Awantha jumped in the water without need to change or park between sites.

Preferred sites for future work is the area from Rosia Bay up to and including Little Bay because of ease of access and for the richer biodiversity along this segment of shore compared to any other accessible area along our coast.

After such hard work, the intrepid pair took advantage of excellent weather on the day to partake of appropriate apres-snork. Well, rude not to, really!

Post written by Ken Ruiz, MSc Marine Science & Climate Change student

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