Citing & Referencing

The referencing style you will use at the University depends on the Programme / Course you are studying.  Make sure you use the study materials for the referencing style your course uses:
  • BBA – Bachelor Business Administration
  • MBA – Masters Business Administration
  • MALM – Masters Leadership & Management
  • PGCE [Education]
  • BSc Maritime Science (Engineering and Nautical)
  • BSc Adult Nursing (and Access programmes)
  • MSc Marine Science & Climate Change

APA Referencing

Harvard Referencing

Plagiarism and paraphrasing

  • If you use someone else’s work without acknowledging the source, and pretending that it is all your own work, that is plagiarism.  Turnitin have created an infographic showing the Plagiarism Scale  to help students understand the different types of activity that count as plagiarism. To avoid plagiarism use your own words to describe the work and ideas of others, ie paraphrasing.  Stuck for how to put it a different way?  Use the Manchester Academic Phrasebank for inspiration.