Student Perspective | Arianna Talas | Master in Marine Science & Climate Change

MSc Marine Science & Climate Change
24th October 2022

What brought you to the University of Gibraltar?

I first heard about Gibraltar because my grandfather collects Gibraltarian stamps (weird niche, I know), but after I did a bit of research into the marine environment and the location, I knew I wanted to study here. I loved the fact that the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic right in the bay, and how many marine species there are around.

How has your experience of the programme and the university been so far?

I have been enjoying it so far! I love the course and all the people I’ve met; I feel like this is a real step up from my time as an undergraduate student, and I love the real-world application my course discusses.

How have you found student life at the University of Gibraltar?

It feels weird to be a student again, but I have been loving the experience so far. I love that everyone recognises each other, and I feel well-supported here.

What do you expect to do once you graduate?

I would love to work in the marine conservation field. I have always loved coral and would love to work on coral conservation efforts, but I am passionate about scientific communication and would love to work in a field where I could balance both conservation and scientific communication.

“If you are interested in studying at the University of Gibraltar, I think you should apply (though I am biased). Researching the marine environment is something I would recommend because, while this place is fantastic, you need to know your potential interests.”

– Arianna Talas

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