Student Perspective | Suman Suman | BBA (Hons)

18th May 2021
Suman is originally from Punjab, India and is studying our Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme. She chose to study in Gibraltar in order to experience a different culture and location whilst pursuing her studies. Suman loves the uniqueness of the University of Gibraltar and its supportive environment.

Why did you choose Gibraltar?

I wanted to study for an international degree and experience life as an international student. I started off by comparing different universities and cities and towns. Then, I came across Gibraltar; I noticed how beautiful the scenery and surroundings were, and how unique Gibraltar seemed to be. I loved the idea of being in a spectacular location whilst being able to get on with my studies. I then managed to speak to some people from Gibraltar and discovered that they were really friendly which helped me to make my final decision.

What is your impression of the University so far?

The university is completely unique, especially so when I compare it to the way that we study in India. I am studying the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme and I am learning so much; best of all, I’m really enjoying it. The teachers are amazing and helpful when there are things I don’t fully understand on the course. They go out of their way to help us; they send us emails and offer extra sessions to assist us with areas that we struggle with. I do, of course, miss my family but I talk to them as much as possible. Ultimately, I am focused on working hard on my degree to be able to go back and support them.

Have you been able to spend some time with the Indian community in Gibraltar?

Yes! I have met lots of people from India here in Gibraltar, and they were so friendly and encouraging. It was interesting to learn about their lives and how they came to Gibraltar; they shared their experiences with me about their journeys here and I learnt a lot from them.

How has the University supported you so far?

To be frank, I absolutely love the university because of how supportive everyone is! This is the first university that I have come across that openly and warmly welcomes their students, picks them up, arranges accommodation and helps us settle into what is a new country. The university team members have also been amazing with helping us through the COVID situation; they organized my tests upon arrival and organized my getting the Covid-19 vaccine as a University of Gibraltar student. They provided me with so much information regarding accommodation and my fees and about settling into the Gibraltarian lifestyle. They are incredibly supportive.

Are you living in the University accommodation?

I did initially live in the university accommodation, however after some time, myself and my friend decided that we would like to live together. The accommodation is very lively which I did enjoy, but we decided to settle somewhere a little quieter with more privacy. We now live very close to town and the market which makes it easier to buy groceries.

What was your experience of the admissions process?

As I explained before, I started by researching loads of different universities. Then, when I discovered the University of Gibraltar, did my research and decided that this was where I wanted to go, I sent in all of the required documentation via the university website. I then went on to decide on my course, the BBA (Hons), which the university explained would be a really beneficial degree; this was extremely helpful in finalising my decision. When I received my offer letter, I submitted the required information and settled my fees. After this, the university guided me in applying for the VISA I needed to move to Gibraltar. Although it is a unique application process, it was straightforward, and the university were helpful and informative with every step of the process.

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

After my degree, I am looking forward to taking up a two-year post graduate work placement, which the university is helping with. After this, I will be returning to India where I will settle and progress my career.
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