Beacon Professor David Abulafia’s Inaugural Lecture

8th September 2017

The University of Gibraltar together with the Institute for Gibraltar and Mediterranean Studies is delighted to present the inaugural lecture of the University’s Beacon Professor, the internationally acclaimed, Professor David Abulafia.

About the Lecture
Maritime history is now very much in vogue, particularly the history of the Mediterranean. In part, this reflects dissatisfaction with nation-based, and often nationalistic approaches to the past, and in part, it reflects a growing interest in the history of the lands beyond Europe, since the Mediterranean is the meeting place of three continents. The study of Mediterranean history has had a particularly important role in the development of new forms of maritime history that go beyond the traditional diet of naval activities and shipping technology to consider the sea as a place across which contacts between cultures and civilisations, often very different in character, have been created through trade, migration, and conquest.

About the Speaker
Professors have a special responsibility to establish themselves as role models within the academic community and to foster excellence among colleagues. Beacon Professors are unique to the University of Gibraltar and the title is symbolic of the role the University hopes incumbents will undertake. The image of the Europa Point lighthouse as a beacon is important to the University representing, as it does, the University’s mission to spread the light of knowledge, to inspire students and illuminate their life paths.
Professor Abulafia is a Professor of Mediterranean History at the University of Cambridge and is internationally renowned for his seminal work “The Great Sea: a human history of the Mediterranean” which was received with great critical acclaim. Professor Abulafia holds a number of international honours and awards and is much in demand as a speaker at authoritative events across the world.

The lecture is free and open to the public.

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