The business key advisory group was established in May 2016. Its focus is to provide input into decisions regarding programme and short course offerings in this area.
The group explores opportunities regarding formal degrees, professional body qualifications, practical skills and specialist training as well as leadership development offerings in the business sector.
The group is comprised of key stakeholders from Gibraltar’s business community. This is important so that the University’s course provision is relevant and responsive to the needs of industry.

Our focus

To provide first hand advice and support to the decisions associated with the focus, type, duration and availability of offerings.
These include, academic courses such as business degrees, professional development within accounting, insurance, banking, investments. In addition to this the provision of short courses within the new technologies sector, management accounting as well as masterclasses and workshops for leaders and managers.

Advisory Group Members

Core members of the Business Key Advisory Group:
Group Chair: Stephen Reyes, Consultant
Johnathan Almeida, Chairman, Gibraltar Bankers Association
Janet Brear, Chair, Women in Business
Catherine Bachleda, Vice-Chancellor
Nadine Collado, Director of Professional Development & Continuing Education
Daniel Delgado, President, Gibraltar Society of Accountants
Peter Howitt, Chief Executive Officer, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association
Joey Imossi, Vice-Chairman, Gibraltar Association of Trust and Company Managers
Edward Macquisten, Chief Executive, Chamber of Commerce
Dayan Nahon, Representative for Parasol Foundation Trust
Lorraine Povedano, Education Secretary, Gibraltar Insurance Institute
Blythe Reeve, Representative of the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses
Allan Sené, Head of Training, Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association