Caroline Moss-Gibbons Gibraltar History Lectures Series Seven

A Campus with History: The University of Gibraltar at Europa Point
16th July 2021
Caroline Moss-Gibbons leads an engaging talk on the history of the University of Gibraltar’s Europa Point Campus.
The University of Gibraltar welcomed around 40 guests to the third lecture in series seven, titled ‘A Campus with History: The University of Gibraltar at Europa Point.’ The talk was conducted by Caroline Moss-Gibbons, the University of Gibraltar’s parasol librarian since 2018.
During the lecture, Caroline detailed how Europa Point has changed over the decades, from being the location of military defence barracks, to the home of St Christopher’s School and eventually, the construction of the University of Gibraltar back in February 2015. However, despite these changes, she spoke of how a lot of the old features from the defence barracks and school had been preserved within the University, including the arches and courtyard areas, with the atrium using mostly glass in its construction to preserve and showcase the existing features.
The engaging talk also explained that whilst the area has changed significantly, both in terms of architecture and purpose, the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe has always remained a consistent feature of the landscape, despite its varying roles in history, including its time as a mosque at the beginning of the 14th Century during the Moor period. Caroline portrayed this consistency through a variety of different maps and, later, aerial photos, to show the Shrine remaining in place throughout the changing landscape.
Our Gibraltar History Lecture Series seven continues next Friday 23rd July with a talk titled ‘Why Heritage Matters’ led by Beatrice Garcia. These free talks are open to the public at 10am each Friday at our Europa Point Campus.
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