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In Focus: Rob Chandler, PhD Researcher

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My University of Gibraltar: Innovation, Flexibility, Opportunity Some students are drawn to research by their detailed knowledge of a given subject, a knowledge that allows them to see what is missing. Research that can fill these gaps has the potential to bring substantive improvement to any field at which it is pointed. Rob Chandler finds himself in just such an informed, and curious, position. With a background in micro-electronics of the most diverse and cutting edge type, he soon honed down his PhD objectives to meet a real need for practical development of existing technology. ‘[Given] the problems associated with...
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University of Gibraltar strengthens links with international universities

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Representatives from the University of Gibraltar attended a meeting designed to strengthen links between universities in small countries and territories. The meeting was at the direct invite of Miquel Nicolau i Vila, Vice-Chancellor (Rector) of Universitat d’Andorra who hosted the event. The meeting, which took place on the 2nd and 3rd March, explored opportunities for the exchange of staff and students, the promotion of international placements and the unique ability that smaller universities have to drive change in their communities. Christian Camilleri, International and Student Experience Manager and Amaia Fernandez, European and International Funding Officer from the University described their...
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Professor Tilbury to deliver the International Women’s Day speech at Cambridge

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The University's Vice Chancellor and CEO, Professor Daniella Tilbury, has been invited to give the International Women’s Day speech at the University of Cambridge on Saturday 10th March. The organisers of this prestigious annual event have asked Professor Tilbury to share her experience of working with UN agencies and the Commonwealth in the area of sustainable development as well as her intergovernmental engagement with education and higher education. Specifically, she will also talk about her personal journey and the challenges of working in environments in which there are few female leaders. Professor Tilbury, who is a Gibraltarian, matriculated from St...
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