CERG Lecture Series | Professor Dezső Németh

We all have bad habits, but for many of us, habit change is nearly impossible.
28th September 2021
In the first instalment of a public lecture series, hosted by the University of Gibraltar’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG), Professor Dezso Nemeth discussed the cognitive and brain background of habit learning and how these processes relate to addictions.
In his lecture titled ‘Habits Die Hard: From learning to addiction’, Professor Nemeth presented the audience with psychological and neuroscientific studies about learning automatic behaviours in both children and adults. The research illustrated Professor Nemeth’s point, that a better understanding of how our brain learns and memorizes new habits can help us escape from the captivity of habits and addictions.
The CERG Public Lecture Series will continue on Monday 25th October, with a lecture from Professor Wim van den Brink from the University of Amsterdam, titled ‘ADHD and comorbid substance use, gambling and gaming disorders: An overview’.
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