The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming takes part in 45-nation survey

19th November 2021
The University of Gibraltar’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming is collaborating in an international survey gathering data relating to sexual behaviour and well-being.
The 45-nation survey, led by Principal Investigator Dr Beáta Bőthe from the University of Montreal’s Department of Psychology, aims to better understand sexual behaviours and well-being.
Data gathered by the survey will be used to validate scales that can reliably assess different sexual behaviours and identify risk and protective factors contributing to problematic and non-problematic sexual behaviours. Besides sexual behaviours several other phenomena and health related behaviour will be investigated, including gambling habits and the interrelation of these behaviours. Participation in an international survey of this extent is a unique opportunity for Gibraltar not only to contribute to the advancement of scientific results but also to gain insight into the prevalence of the investigated behaviours in Gibraltar.
If you are over 18, and wish to participate in this anonymous survey, please click here:
* The survey takes on average between 25-30 minutes to complete.
**Please be aware that some questions might be upsetting, and that you can always skip those that you are not comfortable answering.
For more information on the survey, please visit or contact the ISS researchers.