Scholarships at University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar hosts or directly offers a number of scholarship programmes to support your studies. Scholarships are available to support undergraduate, Master’s degree and PhD programmes and are made available to students based on certain criteria.

“I couldn’t have studied at University level had I not received the scholarship – it wasn’t an option for me. It allows me to develop my skills and secure a better future.”

Zainab Seddeki
BBA (Hons) student and Parasol Scholar

Scholarships & Bursaries

Europa Scholarships

Europa Scholarships are prestigious scholarships which are competitive and awarded for academic excellence. Europa Scholarships are open to all students and are worth a maximum of £1,500 per annum. They are available for each year of a student’s study programme, subject to continuing good academic performance and satisfactory progress.

The applications deadline for the Europa Scholarships has now passed.

Parasol Scholarships

Parasol Scholarships are available for prospective full-time undergraduate, masters and PhD University of Gibraltar students. These are very competitive and awarded for excellence, as determined by the Parasol Scholarships Selection Panel (‘the Selection Panel’). During the 2022/23 selection process only 0.4% of applicants were successful.

These scholarships are for exceptional students who are unable to fund their studies with the University. An initial income household assessment is required for preliminary consideration and proof of excellent academic qualifications.

These scholarships typically cover full programme tuition fees and may also subsidise the cost of accommodation.

The applications deadline for the Parasol Scholarships has now passed.

The Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society (FOGHS) Bursary and Grant

The FOGHS funding is intended to support University of Gibraltar’s postgraduate students who are enrolled in either the PhD Programme or the MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change. The funding is aimed at supporting student’s research projects.

The scheme is open to a range of disciplines provided that the ultimate aim of the projects is to benefit Gibraltar by preserving its fabric, heritage, history, environment, way of life as well as to promote a sense of heritage between the UK and Gibraltar.

The FOGHS PhD Student Bursary is an annual £1,000 award conferred on one individual through a process of competition.

The FOGHS MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change Grant is an annual £500 grant conferred on one or more individuals through a process of competition.

The University’s Research Office notifies eligible students when the relevant application windows open (i.e. PhD or MSc) and supports students throughout the application process.

For further information, please contact

CERG PhD Scholarship

The CERG PhD Scholarship is available for prospective full-time PhD students of the University of Gibraltar, who will focus their PhD research project on gambling related topics, such as the aetiology of problematic gambling/gambling disorder and understanding the mechanisms of gambling related risks and harms.

This scholarship is offered for exceptional students and would cover full programme tuition fees, a monthly living stipend and travel assistance.

Applications for the academic year 2022-2023 are now closed, but if you have any questions, please contact Dr Zsolt Demetrovics, Chair of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming at

HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships

HM Government of Gibraltar Scholarships are available to British Citizens or other EU nationals who have ordinarily resided in Gibraltar continuously for five years. They are normally eligible to apply for either a ‘Mandatory’ or ‘Discretionary’ award offered by the (HM) Government of Gibraltar. Please refer to the Department of Education, Gibraltar for more details.

How to apply

Once their respective online application has been reviewed by the admissions team and the student receives an offer for their chosen programme they will be able to apply for their scholarship of choice. The student will need to request and complete a scholarship application which will include additional questions and information not included in the respective course application.

Parasol Scholarship applications are made directly via the University. Once the student receives an offer for their chosen programme they will be able to apply for the Parasol Scholarship. The student will need to request and complete a scholarship application which will include additional questions and information not included in the respective course application.

Government of Gibraltar scholarship applications are via the Department of Education, 23 Queensway, Gibraltar.

Selection panel

The Selection Panel, will include representatives from the University, representatives of any sponsoring/associated body as required and typically at least one external/ independent member with relevant experience. The Selection Panel will choose all successful candidates and decide on the award.

Criteria taken into consideration will involve both academic qualifications and personal achievement. The Selection Panel’s decisions will be final.

Eligibility for Europa Scholarships

* All fee paying students are eligible to apply for Europa Scholarships however, it is important to note that these are both very limited and highly competitive scholarships.

Please note applications for Europa Scholarships are now closed.

Student Loans

The Gibraltar International Bank offer a student loan scheme to Gibraltar residents. The scheme has been designed for students seeking loan finance to help support their University of Gibraltar academic fees.

For further information please contact the Gibraltar International Bank directly.