Professional Certificate of Competence in Blockchain & Smart Contracts

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  • New Technologies
  • Full Time
  • 6 Days
  • Start 17th Feb 2020

About this course

Often described as a ‘foundational-technology’, blockchain is transforming many sectors including financial services, insurance and logistics by reshaping processes, systems and business strategies via the use of smart contracts.  These revolutionary type of applications use decentralized ledger networks (software that can automate much of the contracting process) allowing for the performance, monitoring, and enforcement of contractual promises without human involvement.
Gibraltar is a leading jurisdiction within the regulation, innovation and development of blockchain. This is encouraging the adoption of the technology across a diverse range of business sectors, highlighting the need for professionals with expertise within the subject. There has never been a better time to learn about blockchain.
This course assists your understanding of blockchain and smart contracts to an intermediate level and place you among a select group of professionals with knowledge of this space and the skills to apply them.

Course benefits

Accelerate your knowledge from beginner to intermediate level
Enjoy expert tuition from an international team of blockchain professionals
Learn how to apply the technology through real-life case studies
Join a community of professionals with knowledge of blockchain/smart contracts

Course Delivery

The course is delivered in two blocks of four days and two days.
Block 1: Monday 17th February – Thursday 20th February 2020 inclusive (4 days)
Block 2: Monday 28th September & Tuesday 29th September 2020 inclusive (2 days)

Real-life case studies

Delivered by an international team of experts, the course uses real-life case studies in order to bring the technology to life. You will learn about different uses of blockchain and explore how it could be applied to industries such as financial services, insurance, legal, the public sector and gaming.

In the media:

“Blockchain technology provides governments, organizations, companies and individuals with the possibility to explore multiple use cases on almost any industry with the added benefits of the immutability of records within a blockchain. This provides a data framework that increases end-users trust.”

Nicolas Collebechi, speaking to

The Course Covers

  • Legacy and Decentralized Financial Systems
  • Decentralization: The blockchain concept
  • Bitcoin fundamentals
  • Terminology and basic concepts in cryptocurrencies
  • Characteristics of the different types of blockchains
  • Smart contracts and their role as disruptive agents
  • Dapp (Decentralized Applications)
  • Initial coin offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO)
  • Introduction to Tokenomics
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Regulatory Issues
  • The impact of blockchain in key industries (Banking, Insurance, Government, Law, Gaming)
  • Hands-on experience on cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, etc.
  • Cryptographic Disruption: blockchain use cases in real life

Meet the lecturers

Alejandro Banzas

Alejandro (Ale) Banzas is a Computer Science Engineer and as well as a RNS Product Owner in IOV Labs (RSK Smart Contracts & RIF OS).

He commenced his career by helping NGOs and start-ups to transform themselves with the latest technologies. Previously, a former Senior Technical Evangelist in the Innovation and New Technologies team for Microsoft in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Ale’s main goal is to help every developer and organization becoming experts in new technologies in order to change the world positively.

Nicolás Collebechi

Nicolás Collebechi is a postgraduate lecturer of Cryptoeconomics & Digital marketing. Nicolás has vast experience in all Internet Marketing areas including SEO/SEM, PPC Platforms, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Programs & Web 2.0 Marketing, Analytics, Affiliate Programs, Conversion Tracking, Adserving Technologies, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Exchange Platforms.

In addition to the above, he also specialises in Management of Interdisciplinary Teams, SEO/SEM, Web 2.0 Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Social Media Marketing, PPC Platforms, Adserving Technologies, Exchange Platforms, Email Marketing, Analytics, Mobile Marketing.

In an interview with, Nicolas said “Understanding blockchain technology and its multiple use cases can be overwhelming for anyone without prior experience on the industry. The whole goal of the course is to make the learning process as easy as possible for students in a complex subject.”

Read the full interview here. 


Practical information

Really enjoyable environment to learn, practical information with very current topics and examples

Heidi Bocarisa, Director of Specialist Regulation, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission


Heidi Bocarisa, Director of Specialist Regulation, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Expertise Shone Through

His delivery made the information very accessible

Ale Banzas delivered a Blockchain course and workshop I attended at the University of Gibraltar. After attending many seminars and talks on the subject over the past eighteen months, his expertise shone through. In Ale I found someone who was not only knowledgeable at a high level technically, but who could relate this to the "real" world of current and potential future applications of this technology. His delivery made the information very accessible from an educational perspective whilst at the same time challenging the norms which undoubtedly blockchain does.

Ian Torrilla, GANT


Ian Torrilla, GANT

Expertise Shone Through

Excellent Tutors

A Well-structured course with excellent tutors

Michael Catania, Gibraltar International Bank


Michael Catania, Gibraltar International Bank

Expertise Shone Through

Great VLE

Having used other online student resource platforms, Canvas was a pleasure to use. Comparing it to the ICA platform it is far superior in terms of functionality

Nigel Crome, Currency


Nigel Crome, Currency

Expertise Shone Through

Gaining understanding

Really enjoyed the experience and understanding in greater depth what blockchain is all about

Paul Astengo, Senior Executive of Gibraltar Finance , HM Gov


Paul Astengo, Senior Executive of Gibraltar Finance , HM Gov

Expertise Shone Through

Great for beginner

Very interesting and informative, great for beginners

Yusuf Botawala, DLT Regulatory Officer, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission


Yusuf Botawala, DLT Regulatory Officer, Gibraltar Financial Services Commission

Expertise Shone Through

Elevates your understanding

The course unlocks and then elevates your understanding of blockchain

James Neave, Company Director of financial Services Professional


James Neave, Company Director of financial Services Professional

Expertise Shone Through

Entry Profile

This course is for non-tech professionals who are hoping to learn how blockchain and smart contracts could benefit their business. It is suitable for those working within financial services, insurance, legal, the public sector and gaming.


Course fee- £2,200

Save £200 with the early bird discount if you apply and pay before Friday 17th January 2020.

The fee includes registration and tuition as well as lunch at the stunning University restaurant, Bistro Point.

This course may be eligible for Department of Education discretionary funding.

Upon the successful completion of the course you will receive a ‘Professional Certificate of Competence in Blockchain and Smart Contracts


Applications for academic year 2019/2020 are now closed. If you are interested in applying for the next course for academic year 2020/2021 please register your interest below.

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