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Do you have an authoritative body of published work and are you interested in a PhD?

Our PhD by Publication is principally aimed at select individuals who have during the course of their lives made a significant authoritative contribution to the body of knowledge in a Gibraltar and/or Mediterranean-related specific subject area, but who have not undertaken the standard route to a doctorate and who would now like to achieve academic recognition for:

  • significant published work such as book(s) and/or book chapters; peer-reviewed academic articles; or
  • significant public work such as performance, art works, architectural or engineering designs and products.

The degree is usually completed over the course of a year and assessment for the award will consist of a coherent body of work accompanied by a contextual chapter of approximately 10,000 words.  This chapter will introduce the work and incorporate a critical evaluation of the published material and its contribution to the body of knowledge.  The expectation is that the published works and accompanying chapter will demonstrate the same rigour, quality and volume as normally required for the award of a conventional PhD in the particular field of inquiry.

As in a conventional PhD, candidates are invited to an oral examination (viva voce) to demonstrate and defend the independent and original nature of their work.

Candidates undertaking a PhD by publication will be provided with at least one academic supervisor and will have access to the range of academic resources available at the University.

Making an Application

If you are interested in making an application please contact us via email.  We will arrange an informal meeting to discuss your proposal.  If the proposal is thought to have merit applicants will be invited to apply through the online PhD application process.
Prospective candidates are reminded that the subject areas should align with established University research themes and academic areas of expertise.

Submission Requirements

Apart from the standard application form, applicants are asked to submit:


A list of the publications or public works on which the application is based (which should not usually exceed 10 years since publication). In certain specific cases, works exceeding 10 years since publication may be considered, provided evidence of continued relevance is presented;


A statement identifying where, when and over what period the research contributing to the public works was undertaken;


A declaration that the research received ethical approval or its equivalent, where required, and when it was undertaken;


A statement indicating the extent of the contribution of any collaborating colleagues (eg: to design, analysis, conduct of the research, written publications);


A proposed title for the final work;


A summary of no more than 2000 words that contextualises the selected publications, demonstrates their coherence and identifies how the work contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the chosen field of study.

QAA Global Accreditation

The University is delighted to have achieved global accreditation from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), the UK’s independent quality body and a global leader in quality assurance for higher education.

“In achieving QAA’s global accreditation, the University has displayed its compatibility with international best practice.”

Vicki Scott, UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Chief Executive.

Support and Review

Academic advisers are on hand to offer support.

Applications are reviewed by the University’s Research and Research Degrees Committee to assess the quality and coherence of the proposed work and where applications are deemed suitable a recommendation to progress to interview will be made.  Following a successful interview applicants will be invited to join the programme.


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