Nursing (Adult) BSc (Hons)

Providing high quality care to adults and their families

  • Health
  • Full Time
  • 3 Years
  • Start Sept '19
  • Placement

About this course

Adult Nursing is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring profession. As a nurse you are required to provide high quality care to adults and their families.
Adult Nursing activities encompass promoting health, providing evidence-based whole person care while supporting and educating individuals and families both in hospitals and in the community.
Throughout the programme you will develop critical, analytical and reflective skills that will enable you to make sound judgements and provide safe and effective evidence-based care.

This programme provides the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to register as a nurse with the Gibraltar Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Registration Board. This is conjoint award with RN and BSc (Hons). This programme is suited to those who have the potential to contribute to and lead in nursing roles. This is being offered as a 3-year full-time course.

Academic credit is awarded by Kingston University, London, and St George’s University, London.

Course outline

The programme consists of lectures, seminars and tutorials that explore the theoretical underpinnings of practice as a nurse. The theoretical learning accounts for fifty per cent of your time. The remaining fifty per cent of the programme involves completing blocks of learning occurring in a variety of clinical settings where you will develop a wide range of skills associated with adult nursing.

By integrating theory and practice, the programme allows you to become a skilled, competent, compassionate and committed adult nurse with the necessary communication skills that are required to ensure patient care remains safe and at the forefront of professional practice.

Why Choose this programme? 

Adult nursing is an exciting and rewarding career that can lead to work in a variety of settings.

You will complete placements in a range of adult settings, both within hospital and the community during your programme, learning practical skills that underpin your theoretical knowledge.

You will develop a sound knowledge of ‘normal’ adult development and behaviours and develop skills in recognising and managing deviations from the norm.

What will you study?

You will study the adult field of nursing.

In year one you will be introduced to the foundations of nursing and healthcare; progressing to the second year you will look at the context of nursing within a variety of client groups. General nursing topics are studied alongside subjects tailored to the adult field.

In the final year you will carry out a research dissertation on a subject of special interest.

Programme themes

Compassionate skilled nurse

Professional values
Quality of life
Medicine management
Safeguarding and risk
Life span
Life sciences
Managing and maintaining relationships
Self-awareness and reflection
Working with diversity and anti-discriminatory practice
Nursing skills (essential skills clusters)

Learner and educator

Study skills
Self-awareness and reflection

Leader and partner

Ethics and law
Managing and maintaining relationships

Researcher and innovator

Research and literacy skills
Creativity and problem solving skills

Entry profile

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