CPD- Continuous Professional Development

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6th January 2020
Remain at the top of your game during 2020 with these CPD-certified professional development opportunities at the University of Gibraltar.
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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Learn basic principles of digital marketing, develop the skills required to deal with real-world business problems and exploit digital business opportunities.

Start date: 21st Feb 2020
Fee: £235
Early Bird Fee: £210
CPD points: 7

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Introduction to Management

Enhance your knowledge of management and leadership with this highly interactive course. You will be able to apply different leadership techniques within your organisation.

Start date: 25th Mar 2020
Fee: £700
Early Bird Fee: £650
CPD points: 21

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Leading Business Excellence

If you are seeking to develop a deeper understanding of business excellence in the context of leadership, process and culture then this workshop is for you.

Start date: 22nd Apr 2020
Fee: £220
CPD points: 7

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Digital Innovation

This course provides managers and business leaders with an understanding of Digital Innovation and concepts around ICT changes and how they impact an organisation.

Start date: Coming Soon
Fee: £470
CPD points: 14

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Introduction to Financial & Management Accounting

Topics covered include an overview and interpretation of financial statements, cost volume profit analysis, an introduction to budgeting, business financing methods and performance measurement.

Start date: Coming Soon
Fee: £285
CPD points: 14

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Professional Certificate in Blockchain & Smart Contracts

This course assists your understanding of blockchain and smart contracts to an intermediate level and place you among a select group of professionals with knowledge of this space and the skills to apply them.

Start date: 17th Feb 2020
Fee: £2,200
Early Bird Fee: £2,000

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