Dr Darren Fa Gibraltar History Lectures Series Seven

‘Where do we Come From?’
6th August 2021
For the fifth instalment of the Gibraltar History Lecture Series seven Dr Darren Fa, Director of Academic Programmes and Research at the University of Gibraltar, posed the question ‘Where do we Come From?’
Using the lenses of both history and science, Darren guided the audience of around 40 guests on an exploration of our origins, through culture, geography, heritage, our ancestral roots and genealogies.
Beginning with an exploration of Gibraltarian identity, Darren traced back along culture and genetic make-up to illustrate the common ancestry we all share, and offer an answer as to the age-old question ‘Where we Come From?’
Our Gibraltar History Lecture Series seven is set to continue in autumn 2021, with a further five public lectures. Further details will be made available later in the year.
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