University joins forces with Mayor’s office to mark Earth Hour

21st March 2018

University of Gibraltar is joining forces with the Mayor’s Office to mark this year’s Earth Hour which takes place at 8:30pm on Saturday 24th March.

Earth Hour is a global “LIGHTS OFF” initiative which sees hundreds of millions of people from more than 7,000 cities and towns worldwide turn off their lights to raise awareness of climate change and sustainable practices.

Her Worship the Mayor is also supporting the worldwide movement of Earth Hour and encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to turn off non-essential electric lights for one hour.  She said “We have the choice to make a difference. When committing ourselves to improving and saving our planet, every little action helps.”

Professor Tilbury, CEO and Vice Chancellor of University of Gibraltar, was a board member of WWF Australia and part of the team that created the Earth Hour back in 2007. Eleven years on, the University is pleased to bring together Europa Point stakeholders to contribute to this global movement. It has partnered with neighbouring communities and institutions, with the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe, the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim and Tarik Ibn Zeyad Mosques all supporting this year’s “LIGHTS OFF” event.

The University and Mayor’s Office are encouraging people to join Earth Hour and play a part in creating a sustainable future by turning off non-essential lights at home during the event. Do share the moment with family and friends and consider how you can reduce your carbon footprint with a commitment to an action that benefits the planet beyond the hour.

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