English Language Summer School | Hiroya Kato | The University of Gibraltar Language Centre

Hiroya shares her experiences of studying with us during the English Language Summer School
3rd June 2024

What course did you take?

Studying Intensive English for 3 weeks at the University of Gibraltar Language Centre.

How was your experience on the course?

This studying abroad program was the first time for me to go abroad, so it was a priceless experience. At first, I was little worried whether I could follow the course or not because I was not confident with my English skills. However, everyone in University of Gibraltar was so kind, so I was happy and could practise and improve my English skills.

What did you think about your tutors?

They were absolutely the best tutors! It was my big pleasure that I could meet and talk with them in Gibraltar. The way they teach was perfect, so I think we improved our English skills with our interests from the bottom of our hearts.

How was your experience on the Spanish trips and Gibraltar trips?

It was the first time to visit foreign countries for me, so everything I experienced in Spain and Gibraltar was exciting. I could notice some differences between Japan and these countries. We went to Granada, Seville, and Jerez. We saw the Alhambra Palace, the Cathedral of Seville,  the Alcazar, and so many stunning cityscapes of Spain. Those trips are so memorable for me.

How did you find student life in Gibraltar?

I think students in Gibraltar have a brilliant life. They are filled with happiness and curiosity. The most interesting for me was that I had opportunities to communicate with students at the University of Gibraltar. They were friendly, and I was so glad to talk with them although I might be shy.

How has the course helped your English language skills?

The classes helped me a lot. Especially, as I could improve my fluency. I used English as a tool of communication. It differs from practicing English in classroom because we have time to construct English sentences. I realized that the most important thing when we speak English is to construct sentences promptly.

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