CERG Public Lecture | Interventions for Safer Online Gambling | Dr Shu M Yu

Tuesday 31st Jnauary 14:00 - 15:30
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Date: Tuesday 31st January 2023
Time: 14:00 – 15:30
Location: Europa Point Campus, University of Gibraltar 

Event Information

Join us for our latest CERG public lecture, titled ‘Interventions for safer online gambling: what is out there and what is effective?’
With the development of the gaming industry, the prevalence of online gambling has been on the rise, along with related problems and disorders. However, interventions for traditional land-based gambling may not be applicable to online gambling. Therefore, we conducted a systematic review of existing studies using randomized controlled trials to evaluate current intervention programs for safer online gambling. This lecture will present results of this review. Effectiveness of available measures ranging from pop-up messages, information provision, gambling behaviour surveillance, and therapy to setting limits and self-exclusion will be discussed.
About the Speaker
Mogu received her higher education at the University of Macau, China. After obtaining B.S.S. in Psychology, she earned her M.S.S.in Criminology, then completed her Ph.D. in Psychology. Her work mainly focused on research concerning both individual and public health, with particular emphasis on addictive behaviors (e.g., gambling, gaming, Internet use, and smartphone use). In the past few years, she has conducted projects on psychosocial protective/risk factors for behavioral addictions, juvenile delinquency, and people’s gambling attitude in different cultural background.
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