Public Research Lecture 3 | Compassion & Community : End of life care at home in Gibraltar

Tuesday 23rd January 2024
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Date: Tuesday 23rd January 2024
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Location: Conference Hall, Europa Point Campus

About this lecture

More and more people are choosing to be looked after at home at the end of their lives. Gibraltar is a small, tightly knit community with a dense web of connections and assets which arguably facilitates and supports end of life care at home. This PhD research project aims to explore and identify those supportive factors as well as the impact of healthcare organizations on this type of care.
Focus on what’s strong, not what’s wrong. Most healthcare initiatives focus on identifying what’s wrong and try to fix it (a deficit model), but by focusing on our wealth of community strengths and assets here in Gibraltar, we can build on these strengths, develop our community and improve the way we care for those who are at the end of their lives.
This research project is in 2 parts. The second part will be a community development project starting this year aimed at improving end of life care at home. The first part was based on interviews with family members who cared for their loved ones at home at the end of their lives over the past 14 years in Gibraltar.  Their stories and voices are extremely important to understand the reality of this type of care and findings from these interviews will be used to develop the community project.
The public lecture on the 23rd January will present and discuss the findings from these initial interviews and outline the benefits of a community development approach to end-of-life-care at home in Gibraltar.

About the speaker

Jamesina Santos-Willshere is a PhD student whose research looks at how our community here in Gibraltar cares for loved ones at home at the end of life. Jamesina is also a palliative nurse practitioner in the GHA and in 2017 completed her MSc in Palliative care with Oxford Brookes University after working in a UK hospice for 3 years. Working in Palliative care in the UK made her realize just how special our community here in Gibraltar is, and inspired her to research our community strengths and assets in the context of end-of-life care at home.
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