Dr Alex Menez asks ‘What is Research?’

24th Oct '19
Dr Menez looks to explore ‘What is Research?’ and ‘How we know what we think we know!’ Drawing on his extensive personal experience as a researcher, Dr Menez will take us on a journey through his work and experiences to answer the old age question…what does research mean to a researcher?
Dr Alex Menez, a biologist, is currently an Associate Researcher of the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences at the University of Gibraltar, and an Honorary Fellow of the Gibraltar Museum. He completed his PhD on the ecology of land molluscs in southern Iberia, focusing on biogeography, and habitat structure effects on diversity with Cardiff University. He is currently researching the history of natural history in Gibraltar, including geology and palaeoanthropology. Alex has recently published several papers on these topics, and a book that explores the history of the Gibraltar Skull.

Important Info

Date: October 24th 2019
Time: 18:30-19:30
Location: University of Gibraltar, Europa Point Campus
Registration: No registration is required