Families, Genetics & Evolution

Friday 30 November 10.00AM - 11:00AM

About the Lecture

Family trees are fascinating insights into the events that took place in the past, as well as into the lives of our ancestors (or at least some of them). But how often have apparently innocuous actions and relationships actually sparked off events that had global consequences? Can one set of genes actually change the world?

In what promises to be an interesting presentation, the University’s own Dr Darren Fa will explore questions such as what do we mean by ‘survival of the fittest?’, are family trees really ‘trees?’ and ‘what is the butterfly effect?’. This will include discussing several ‘what if’ scenarios, including the possibility Gibraltar’s very own role in at least one of these world-changing events and the potential alternative consequences that might have transpired.

The Speaker

Dr Darren Fa is currently the Director of Academic Programmes & Research at the University of Gibraltar.

After obtaining his PhD in Biological Oceanography from the University of Southampton In 1998, he then moved to the Gibraltar Museum in 1999 as Education and Research Officer, and subsequently Deputy Director. He also read for a Master’s Degree in Museums Studies from the University of Leicester (2004).

His current role involves heading the University’s flagship PhD programme, as well as coordinating all research activities of the University, including those of its active Research Institutes and Centres. He is also responsible for research support facilities including the University’s Library and Laboratories.

Darren also deals with all academic partnerships in collaboration with other HE institutions and stakeholders forms a significant part of his job.

Darren is a member of HMGoG’s Nature Conservancy Council, as well as a Registered European Commission Expert on Environment and Higher Education and an Elected Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London.