Public Research Lecture | From idea to research to health care settings: Examples of translating a concern into a research project in health care settings

Mon 27th June 2022 18:00pm - 19:30pm
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Monday the 27th June 2022
18:00pm – 19:30pm

About this event

This presentation explores the development of research protocols in health care.
The presentation will explore how to develop research from a question or concern. For example, Dr Siska’s development of drug trial protocols, treatment strategies for post-partum haemorrhage, development of ambulatory teaching stages, assessment of psychosocial teaching for medical residents, evaluation of intervention in physician compliance, and effectiveness of information sharing in the development of advanced directives will be shared. The research designs explored include double-blind cross-over drug trials, observational research, time-series and Solomon four-group.
The takeaways from the presentation will be the awareness of multiple ways to design a study possible in any health care setting from an expert in the field.

About this lecture

Dr Siska is a US and UK social work educator, teaching research for 26 years at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She was a senior research support specialist for the New York State University School of Medicine (Upstate Medical Center). Her responsibilities included developing research proposals for practitioners and medical residents, managing research personnel, data analysis, program evaluation and development.
Before this, Dr Siska was a research associate at Columbia University School of Social Work. She developed research proposals and managed grants for NIH (National Institutes of Health) federal grants in AIDS research, cancer and behavioural health. As tenured faculty at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Dr Siska has chaired the Social Science Institutional Review Board for five years and, as chair, reviewed approximately 300 expedited reviews annually. For six years, she served as a member of the Social Care Research Ethics Committee, which reviewed non-NHS research in England and Wales.
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