How mobile technology became a catalyst for transformational change at St Bernard’s Lower Primary School

28th November 2019
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Event Details:
Date: Thu, 28 November 2019
Time: 18:00 – 19:00
Venue: University of Gibraltar, Europa Point Campus
In 2014 the Department of Education funded a pilot iPad initiative in a local primary school which prompted Sonia Lopez to embark on a research study into the impact of mobile technology on teaching and learning.
The research involved collecting data from lesson observations, teacher interviews and focus groups with students.  The study highlighted the need for Gibraltar’s schools to embrace international 21st century approaches to the curriculum, leading to a review of the existing curriculum practices at St Bernard’s Lower Primary School. Guided by Sonia’s research, the dynamic teachers at the school she leads have sought to redress the balance between the development of knowledge and 21st century skills and themes. The school is transforming its approach to the curriculum by adopting student centred learning approaches such as ‘Project Based Learning’ within a technologically rich learning environment where creativity, wellbeing and life skills carry equal weighing with the traditional 3Rs.


Sonia Lopez is the head teacher of St Bernard’s Lower Primary School and a fifth year PhD Researcher at the University of Gibraltar. Sonia’s current research is exploring how mobile technology is shaping the way teaching and learning happens in the classroom, and how it can be used to support the acquisition of 21st century skills in our students. She is delighted to be delivering ‘The Resourceful Teacher’ module of Gibraltar’s first PGCE this year, where her lectures provide the framework for the development of knowledge, skills, values and dispositions for effective, inclusive teaching.
Sonia has worked in education for over twenty years and is a strong believer in the importance of lifelong learning. She qualified as a teacher with her first degree in English and Teaching Studies at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham. After undertaking a diploma in Special Educational Needs with Sheffield Hallam University, she spent fifteen years as a SENCo. In 2013, Sonia graduated with distinction from the University of Durham after undertaking an Executive Masters in Leadership and Management.
Sonia’s research seeks to inform the Department of Education in Gibraltar as to the role of mobile technology within the local education system and how Gibraltar can successfully rise to the challenge of effectively implementing a 21st Century curriculum.
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