Community Lecture Series | Maritime Shipping’s Vital Role in Sustainable Urban Environments

Friday 19th January 2024
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Date: Friday 19th January 2024
Time: 10:00 – 11:00
Location: Conference Hall, Europa Point Campus

About this lecture

Maritime Shipping’s Vital Role in Sustainable Urban Environments: The presentation will explore the intersection of maritime transportation and sustainable development, emphasizing how responsible shipping practices directly impacts and benefits urban populations and their surroundings. It will support a proactive approach, encouraging stakeholders to collaborate, innovate, and prioritize sustainability to create a sustainable future where shipping operations and urban environments coexist harmoniously in a very close proximity. Session will highlight the pivotal role of shipping and need for sustainable maritime shipping in supporting environmentally friendly urban environments. It will examine the intricate relationship between maritime shipping and urban areas in the immediate vicinity of maritime operations, highlighting how efficient and sustainable maritime transport can contributes to the vitality of cities and their adjacent regions.

About the speaker

Captain Sukhjit Singh is a maritime sustainability expert with over 26 years of experience in the shipping industry and maritime operations. Having a good grasp of energy and safety management systems within the maritime domain, Capt. Singh actively supports various technical and capacity-building projects managed by the UN and other global and regional organizations. Buoyed by his MS in International Management from the University of Liverpool and his Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Energy Management from the World Maritime University, he is actively engaged in providing sustainable and innovative solutions for ships and ports. Currently, he is working on the socio-economic impacts of the maritime GHG emission reduction measures on the sustainable development of Small Islands and Developing States. He is a qualified expert reviewer for National Communication and Biennial Reports under UNFCCC and is currently Head of School (Maritime Science) at the University of Gibraltar.
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