Mediterranean Studies Summer School | The West Med: Gateways and Convergences Over Time and Space

Mon 18 July 2022 - Thurs 21 July 2022
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Start Date: Monday 18th July 2022
End Date: Thursday 21st July

About this event

The inaugural Mediterranean Studies Summer School, ‘The West Med: Gateways and Convergences Over Time and Space’, will focus on the positionality of the Western Mediterranean in relation to the wider Mediterranean zone, the Atlantic, and indeed North Africa, given Gibraltar’s gatekeeping presence over the Strait.
The Mediterranean Sea has played a central role in Western civilisation and has been represented though classic literature as a Sea of great possibilities, ranging from myths of ancient mariners and trade, to the historical events that have come to shape it. For the most part of its history, this Great Sea has been open at only this westernmost point, which draws attention to the Strait as a space informed by the ebb and flow of tides, migrations and ongoing convergences.
Gibraltar holds a key strategic position in the western Mediterranean, with this positionality becoming a main focus in the Mediterranean Studies Summer School programme. Designed for those with an interest in the history of the Mediterranean, this programme offers a thematic approach with a view to open up this area across a number of key headings such as trade and maritime history; migrations if not diasporas, which in turn contribute to cultural influences that shape identity, language, literature and food; and a colonial history that continues to reverberate geopolitically.
Our Summer School offers opportunities to learn about the history of the Mediterranean from early prehistory through to the present day and for interactive engagements with the subject. You will be able to see, touch, taste and even travel with this Summer School, as you will have the opportunity of a day field trip to Ceuta, across the Strait to North Africa. This should prove to be a special trip as you will be crossing the very gateway that defines both Gibraltar and the Strait, whilst also gaining first-hand experience of the cultural, geographical and gastronomical diversity that the Mediterranean Sea has fostered.
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