Privacy, Defamation and other publication torts: A lecture by Julian Santos

19/02/2020 - 19/02/20

Privacy, Defamation and other publication torts:
A lecture by Julian Santos

Date: 19th February 2020
Time: 17:00-18:00
Venue: Conference Hall, Europa Point Campus

In a world of constant and instant communication through traditional, online and social media, the publication torts are becoming increasingly important and are modernising to fit their new environment.

The law is quickly developing to police the ongoing tension between two fundamental human rights: (1) the right to freedom of speech and (2) the right to respect for one’s private life and reputation. Whether advising publishers or the subjects of articles, posts or broadcasts, the modern lawyer must be familiar with the different causes of action and the interplay between them.

This lecture will introduce the basic principles of the two main torts of privacy and defamation, using examples from my experiences representing clients in cases at the forefront of the law’s development in the English and Welsh High Court and Court of Appeal.

About the Speaker

Gibraltarian lawyer Julian Santos advises claimants and defendants in all of Chambers’ areas of practice, particularly defamation, privacy, data protection, harassment and breach of confidence. He is junior counsel for the claimants in the News Group and Mirror newspapers phone-hacking litigation. He also regularly advises professional sportspersons (including professional footballers, boxers, cricketers and rugby players), musicians, actors and other individuals in relation to defamation, privacy, data protection and harassment issues.