Room to Breathe: Intervening early in Covid-19 saves lives

10/12/2020 - 10/12/2020
Dr Goyal, an Honorary Clinical Lecturer and Research Associate at the University of Gibraltar, delivered a lecture titled ‘Room to Breathe: Intervening early in Covid-19 saves lives’ on Thursday 10th December.
The lecture covered the results of a study that concluded that instigating a ‘conservative oxygen’ strategy as a means of healthcare rationing is likely to contribute to the higher mortality experienced during a COVID-19 ‘surge. Dr Goyal said, “It is a privilege to share our research with the School of Postgraduate Medicine at University of Gibraltar. It’s slightly odd that we are talking about early intervention in Gibraltar where patients of Covid-19 have received optimal early care.”
Dr Daniel Goyal was awarded his medical degree at Aberdeen University and his PhD at the University of Manchester. Dr Goyal joined the GHA from Oxford University Hospital for a few years before accepting a post in Lorn and Islands Hospitals as a Consultant Physician. Dr Goyal is also the COVID Lead for Oban and is actively involved in research on early intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic.
An abstract of the research: