Hybrid Public lecture and CERG lecture | Videogaming, esports, and related-gambling

Tuesday 28th May 2024
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Date: Tuesday 28th May 2024
Time: 3:30 pm
Location: Conference Hall, Europa Point Campus

About this lecture

Videogaming has been a popular form of entertainment over the last few decades, starting with early trendsetting videogames like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to some of the most popular games in today’s day and age, like Call of DutyCandy CrushFortnite etc. Over time, some videogames have been able to branch out, and evolve into competitive games, where individuals and teams are able to compete at the highest levels, just like traditional sports, and thus, can also be called electronic sports or esports. The evolution of videogaming into esports and beyond has opened doors for potential career paths that did not exist in the same capacity even 20 years ago, including professional esports players, coaches, psychologists, physios etc.
During the public lecture, I will be discussing videogames from a problematic consumption angle. The presentation will go through the potential harms and consequences that can occur from esports and videogaming consumption like gaming disorder, underage videogame-related gambling, betting on professional esports matches and more. It will aim to understand what kind of personalities are more likely to engage in excessive videogame consumption, and are driven by what motives. I will also be exploring characteristics of esports bettors and understanding the people who bet on professional esports matches and how they stand out as a gambling group. Overall, the presentation will discuss the most vulnerable groups when it comes to problematic videogaming, esports and related-gambling consumption, and discuss ways to protect these consumers going forward, and emphasise the need for an increasing amount of research and awareness regarding the same.

About the speaker

Harshdeep (harsh) is interested in studying esports and videogame-related gambling, including gambling-like elements in videogames, skin gambling, and most notably, esports betting. Harsh aims to assist in protecting minors from potential gambling-related exposure and harms throughout his research career, as well as protecting young consumers from problematic videogame and related use. Throughout his PhD, Harsh has been involved in studies regarding esports, esports betting, sports betting, online gambling, and videogaming.
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