The Master in Environmental Science & Climate Change teaching team brings together a multi-disciplinary group of internationally-recognised specialists in the area of Environmental Sciences and Climate Change who have extensive expertise in developing and delivering academic programmes in the marine sciences.

Programme Lecturers

Dr Awantha Dissanayake
Head of School (Marine Sciences)

Dr Dissanayake has extensive experience in marine biology, especially in the development and implementation of ecophysiological approaches to environmental monitoring, having published over 20 peer-reviewed articles. Examples of his work include environmental monitoring programmes (DEFRA/EA), climate change impacts (Australian & Japanese Governments), educational outreach programmes (Singapore), conservation in Marine Protected Areas (Thailand), and additionally, capacity-building and knowledge-transfer programmes (India, Vietnam, and Thailand).

Bethany Gadd
Associate Lecturer- MSc Environmental Science & Climate Change

Bethany is an Environmental researcher with a broad academic and professional background. Her focus is on wildlife management, conservation, and ecology, showcased by her ongoing PhD at the University of Gibraltar. Bethany aims to enhance understanding of Barbary macaque dynamics and community involvement. Holding degrees in BSc Geography and MSc Wildlife Management, she’s experienced many diverse research areas, including invertebrate surveying, soil analysis, historical data organisation, and ecological consulting. Bethany’s consultancy experience encompasses species-specific studies and vegetation surveys.

Prof Julia Elizabeth Fa
Research Fellow

Professor Fa’s research embraces biology, economics, anthropology, and development. She has projects in Africa and South America that pursue a wide variety of global biodiversity issues – defaunation of tropical rainforests, food security, indigenous peoples and the impact of diseases on wildlife and humans. Julia has over 200 peer-reviewed publications and nine books in her name, and has led numerous research projects in different parts of the world. She also teaches on a number of courses in academic institutions in the UK, Europe, Africa and Latin American countries.

Dr Keith Bensusan
Director, The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Dr Bensusan’s background is in the biological sciences and he has a broad knowledge of terrestrial natural history, most notably plants, insects and birds. He chairs the University research and Research degrees Committee and is also a member of the Nature Conservancy Council, the Scientific Authority, the Gibraltar Port Authority and the Development and Planning Commission. Keith also sits on the Gibraltar regional Committee for European Funding (JLAG) and the Council of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS).

Stephen Warr
Senior Environment Officer, HMGoG Department of the Environment, Heritage and Climate Change (DoEHCC)

Mr Warr is closely involved with the management of both the Rock of Gibraltar and the Southern Waters of Gibraltar Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs). He has particular expertise in intertidal ecology and marine surveillance monitoring programmes.

Dr Rhian Guillem
Senior Research Associate

Dr Rhian Guillem’s research interests are specialised in the taxonomy of Mediterranean ants. She is also working on cataloguing the Hymenoptera of Gibraltar. Rhian has contributed to over 24 scientific peer-reviewed research publications which have focused on ants, plants and birds. She has produced notable research in the taxonomic status of ants, having produced papers identifying new species in different regions of Spain and documenting the species in Gibraltar and producing work on the behavioural traits of ant colonies. She also has contributed to projects involving the identification of all Lepidoptera species in Gibraltar and the ecology of bats, swifts and Crag Martins. Additionally, her work also focuses on identifying insect pest species, most specifically in Eucalyptus plants in Gibraltar.