Standing at the crossroads between Europe and Africa and the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the University of Gibraltar is uniquely situated to take advantage of its unique geopolitical location to provide world-class academic tuition within a Mediterranean setting and climate.

The actual campus is based in two iconic military buildings dating back to the 19th century. The Bombhouse with its spectacular vaulted ceiling was a stone and brick fort designed to protect the area of Europa from an amphibious landing. The later Defensible Barracks were designed as accommodation for the soldiers who would man the fort and surrounding defences. A purpose-built modern atrium connects the two structures, creating a synergy between old and new forms. This symbolic meeting of cultures is also reflected in the close proximity to the campus of both a mosque and a catholic church.

There is always something to do in Gibraltar even on a student budget; you can take in walking tours, visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, the Gibraltar Museum or other historic sites. There are also facilities to take advantage of the surrounding seas, such as SCUBA diving, sailing, dolphin-watching trips or just spending a day at the beach. Spain is just across the border and Morocco can easily be reached across the Straits by ferry.

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