Voluntary Publication Scheme

A publication scheme is a document setting down, in a clear and structured way, the different types of information about the University of Gibraltar (‘the University’) that are already regarded as being in the public domain.
The University is not included within the Schedule of public authorities to which the Freedom of Information Act 2018 (Gibraltar) (‘the Act’) refers – Freedom of Information Act 2018 (gibraltarlaws.gov.gi) – and so the Act does not apply to the University.
However the University has voluntarily committed in principle to make information and data available in a manner which is broadly consistent with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office guidance for universities and other higher education institutions – definition_document_for_universities_and_higher_education_institutions.pdf (ico.org.uk) – whilst recognising the significant differences between the applicable law in England and Wales as compared to Gibraltar law.
The University of Gibraltar Publication Scheme has therefore been organised as far as reasonably possible in line with the UK Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme for Universities. Information is classified by type to make it easier for people outside the University to find. The Scheme is a guide to the information the University intends to publish routinely to comply with its voluntary commitment as noted above.
It sets out:
 the different types of information available
 the format in which the information can be obtained
 any charges that may be made for providing it
 how to obtain the information