The Gibraltar Garrison Library is a reference Library founded in 1793 by Captain, Afterwards Colonel Drinkwater, the historian of the Great Siege of Gibraltar (1779 – 1783). Established as a private subscription library for the exclusive use of the Officers of the Garrison of Gibraltar, the Library building and collections are intrinsically steeped in their historical and military milieu. The Library collections certainly reflect the era of colonial expansion and we are dealing with, in many respects, a collection built around notion of Empire. We hold a collection dedicated to Gibraltar and Mediterranean studies, an image library of over 200,000 images, and complete archive of the Gibraltar Chronicle, which developed out of the Garrison Library. First published in 1801, the Gibraltar Chronicle is today one of the oldest English language newspapers to have been continuously in print and an essential resource for researchers. The Gibraltar Garrison Library now comes under the protection of a Trust and received it’s funding through the Ministry of Culture. The Library is open daily to researchers and the general public. Integrated catalogues can be consulted at the Library; a catalogue of our Gibraltar collection can be accessed online via our webpage


The Gibraltar Garrison Library, 2 Library Ramp, Gibraltar
Opening Hours – Monday-Friday 09:00 – 17:00 Summer Hours ( June 14-Sept 9) 08:00- 14:30
Telephone:       +350 20077418