Current series of Gibraltar History Lectures draws to a close

8th December 2017

The University’s third series of Gibraltar History Lectures drew to a close this morning. Professor Cortes delivered an engaging lecture titled ‘Wildlife conservation and biodiversity in Gibraltar over the last 20 years +’ to an audience of over 50 people including previous guest speakers.

During his detailed talk, Professor Cortes provided insight into some of the most important conservation initiatives that have taken place on the rock. He shared some of the motivations behind notable projects including the removal of the water catchments on the Eastside of the rock, the transformation of the Alameda Gardens into botanical gardens and the ongoing work to protect our local wildlife.

The University’s Gibraltar History Lectures aim to educate and enhance the community’s knowledge of Gibraltar-related subjects as well as stimulate discussions amongst attendees. Delivered by expert guest speakers, these weekly talks are free and open to the public.

This current series of lectures has been popular within the local community and has included talks on Gibraltar’s underwater heritage, the roots of the llanito dialect and the 50th anniversary of the referendum. We would like to thank all of our guest speakers for their time and insightful lectures and to all those who attended.

The Gibraltar History Lecture Series returns next spring for a fourth installment.