All things Gibraltar

    • Are you author of a published journal article, monograph or book on Gibraltar?
    • Was Gibraltar the focus of your undergraduate or postgraduate research thesis?
    • Do you house a collection of Gibraltar or Gibraltar-related texts that you would like to make accessible to others?
    • Are you a film-maker or artist that has captured a sense of Gibraltar’s place, identity or history?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, we are keen to hear from you.
The University of Gibraltar, in partnership with the other members of the Gibraltar Libraries Forum are building a repository and online portal of all things Gibraltar. Starting with the catalogues of the institutions involved in the project, such as the Garrison Library and the Botanic Gardens, the portal will go on to link to information held anywhere in the world either about Gibraltar, or written by a Gibraltarian on any subject at all.  It will go on to include digital collections, such as maps, paintings and engravings, as well as audio collections, alongside digital texts wherever available.
Invaluable for researchers, it will also be of interest to the general public who just want to know more about Gibraltar, or want reminders of home. Donations are welcome!  If you are able to contribute to the Gibraltar Repository please contact us by email: or phone the University’s Parasol Librarian on +350 200 7100 for more information.
Donors will have an opportunity to join a tour of the University Europa campus and meet senior staff.  All donations will be formally acknowledged in the Gibraltar Repository catalogue, and where requested, will have the donor’s details added to the book itself.  Local authors in particular are encouraged to deposit their work in the Repository.  Any existing copyright in all works will be respected.