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The Alumni Network

As a University of Gibraltar graduate, or if you have completed a Professional Certificate of Competence course with us, you automatically become a member of The Unigib Alumni Network.

Beacon Professors

Beacon Professors are unique to the University of Gibraltar and the title is symbolic of the role the University expects incumbents to undertake.
The image of the Europa Point Lighthouse as a beacon is important to the University representing, as it does, the University’s mission to spread the light of knowledge, to inspire students and illuminate their life paths.

Honorary Doctorates

The University of Gibraltar confers the honorary degree, Doctor of the University (Honoris Causa), on persons whose achievements it wishes to recognise.
The award is normally conferred upon persons who uphold values consistent with the mission of the University and have made a particular and sustained contribution well beyond the normal expectations of their position and which have had a major and positive impact on the University, the wider community, Gibraltar, or the world.