In Focus: Introduction to Management

6th November 2020
Whilst it may appear that, the world has been tipped upside down and we are living our lives in a different way currently during the pandemic we must understand and realise that work is still going on, just in a very different way.
The more we are working from home the harder it becomes to actually be a manager or leader of a team especially if your team is not very large or is part of a huge corporation.
So we need to adapt but we also need to continue our own professional development as managers and leaders during this time and that is why we are running this three day workshop for managers and leaders who have never had any formal training or who are new into the role.

Day 1

We begin the journey by really understanding what our role is and how you see yourself as a manager of others, progressing on to look at what tips and techniques we can use to motivate not only ourselves but also those who report to us.  Motivation is a key part to keeping peoples mental health and wellbeing in check especially if they are isolated working from home.  Finally, we spend our first day looking at our teams and exploring ways on selecting the right fit for a particular project or piece of work that needs to be undertaken.  Here we also see those who are more likely to struggle during lockdown situations and how we as leaders can manage the situation.

Day 2

Our second day together brings us to look at how we as leaders can ensure work continues through the art of delegation and empowerment.  Finishing of the day with a highly topical subject “Change”.  We are living in a time of many changes which at the start of 2020 we would never have believed would happen to us but it did and now we need to explore how we can adapt quickly and efficiently and be ahead of the game at all times, for ourselves, our people and our organisations.

Day 3

Finally, we tackle the issues we face around culture, being a very diverse population of people on the rock; we can at times encounter many misunderstandings due to our cultural upbringing.  We explore some of those issues and try to gain a greater insight into our differences.  Then we will look at our peoples performance which when someone is working from home can often be a struggle for all managers.  We look at how we can manage people’s performance and how we can effectively give them feedback both positive and negative.
These workshops really are workshops, it is not all lectures and PowerPoint slides, and it really gives you an insight through working with the other delegates on how you are as a manager of people with individual practical exercises to learn and grow for yourself, to listen and learn from each other and explore together the answers to difficult situations.  Group discussions, syndicate exercises, even the odd game or two will really help you gain a greater insight into Leading for tomorrow in the way that gets the best out of your employees.  To top it all off the programme will end with some delegates actually being able to put what they have learned into practice through some practical simulations.
The tutor Dale Gunstone has over 30 years training experience and has a passion for training Managers and Leaders.  He weaves the reality into the training with stories and personal life experiences as a Leader that he himself learned valuable lessons from.  You will find his style to be highly engaging; he breathes life into the mundane theory and sets you on a path to implement your learnings.  The three days will give you everything you need but will also leave you wanting more as you keep growing in the bid to improve your management and leadership capabilities.