Keith Madeira Gibraltar History Lectures Series Seven

A Visual Story from the Top Down Layering Maps of Gibraltar
9th July 2021
Keith Madeira leads an engaging talk on Gibraltar cartography.
Earlier today, The University of Gibraltar welcomed around 40 guests to the second lecture in series seven, titled ‘A Visual Story from the Top Down Layering Maps of Gibraltar.’ The talk was conducted by Keith Madeira, a current student at the University of Gibraltar who works closely alongside the team at the Gibraltar National Archive, working to piece together Gibraltar’s history through the discovery of old maps.
In his talk, Keith stated that he has “always been a fan of local history,” and so his path to having a career piecing together and investigating old maps of Gibraltar was a natural fit for him.
During the lecture, he detailed how Gibraltar’s landscape has changed over the years, comparing old maps and aerial photographs to modern day cartography. Notable changes included the reclamation of land from the sea and the enhancement of the Europa Point area, including the building of the University itself. These changes were covered in the presentation using an array of fascinating images, maps and diagrams.
The engaging talk also explained the importance of cartography and mapping, not only for documenting history, but also in assisting vital fields such as medicine. He detailed this importance through the plague in London, showing how mapping was used to eventually pin down the root cause of the diseases’ spread – a communal water pump.
Our Gibraltar History Lecture Series seven continues next Friday 16th July with a talk titled ‘A Campus with History: The University of Gibraltar at Europa Point’ led by Caroline Moss-Gibbons. These free talks are open to the public at 10am each Friday at our Europa Point Campus.
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