Language Exchange Summer School | Bárbara | The University of Gibraltar Language Centre

Bárbara lives in Spain and she is now doing a bachelor’s degree. She took an English course in the University of Gibraltar Language Centre. she shares her experiences of studying with us during the English Language Summer School.
12th January 2023

What course did you take?

The course I took at the University of Gibraltar was to improve my English skills, since we could attend conversation classes, do different exercises to improve grammar and many team activities in order to improve the language.

How was your experience on the course?

Undoubtedly, attending the course has been an unforgettable experience due to the fact that I have been able to improve my English in a unique way based on group work, exercises and laugh. At the same time, I have been able to learn about the history of Gibraltar thanks to the fantastic talks they gave. It has certainly been a fantastic experience.

What did you think about your tutors?

My tutors have been fantastic people who made us laugh at every moment. Thanks to them I have discovered that you can learn and at the same time have fun. They have been very attentive people at all times and they have always tried to make the students feel comfortable. I couldn’t have had more luck with my tutors.

What extra activities did you enjoy and why?

One of the best things about the course were their extra activities that we could attend in the afternoons. The ones I liked the most without any doubt were the conversation classes with the tutors and the other students. Thanks to them I was able to improve my English conversation skills and at the same time have a good time with my classmates. We used to play team games or tell stories in order to get to know each other better and above all learn from different cultures. Without a doubt, those classes are unforgettable.

How did you find student life in Gibraltar?

Student life in Gibraltar seems to me something incredible and comfortable. It is a unique experience that I would recommend to everyone. The teachers are lovely people who always try to help you and make you smile. Furthermore, it is a place where you can locate yourself without any problem. Without any doubt, being a student in Gibraltar is a privilege.

How has the course helped your English language skills?

Without ant doubt, thanks to the course I have been able to improve my English skills. Now I am more fluent when it comes to having a conversation in English with someone. I have learned a lot of vocabulary which has caused me a better expression when speaking and understanding readings. Thanks to this, I will always be grateful to my tutor. All in all, I recommend any student to attend the course.

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