Academic Quality at University of Gibraltar

The University of Gibraltar is committed to academic excellence and to managing the quality of its education and research programmes and awards.

Our robust internal quality processes are informed by the UK Quality Assurance Agency Code Part A, Setting and Maintaining Academic Standards; and our Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) ensures we adhere to the best international practice.

The QAA Quality Code and the European Standards and Guidance recognise that the nature of educational provision is determined at an institutional level and reflects the University’s mission and its responses to wider strategic developments in society and industry.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) has been designated as the Gibraltar Authority for Standards in Higher Education and the Gibraltar Higher Education Commission under the University of Gibraltar Act 2015.

In accompanying regulations, the GRA is given powers to issue a Memorandum of Regulation to the University as well as powers to obtain information from the University and to issue enforcement notices if the GRA considers that the University is failing to comply with the 2015 Act or with requirements under the Memorandum of Regulation.

Academic Quality Standards Committee

The AQSC is a subcommittee of the University’s Academic Board which  delegates responsibility  to the AQSC for review of all new programmes (validation), and the review of existing programmes (periodic review) for undergraduate and Master’s  programmes as well as the University’s PhD programme.  The AQSC is also responsible for determining and implementing procedures to assure the Academic Board of the standards of University awards.

Programme Approval Process

For the design, development and validation of its academic programmes, the University uses an iterative process that involves a number of stages and a number of stakeholders.  This is to ensure that programmes are strategically viable, academically and professionally appropriate, and feasible within the education and research resources of the University as shown in the flowchart below.