Lecturer Spotlight | Bethany Gadd | Associate lecturer – MSc Environmental Science & Climate Change

Associate lecturer – MSc Environmental Science & Climate Change
9th January 2024

Lecturer Spotlight

Bethany Gadd, BSc, MSc

Associate lecturer – MSc Environmental Science & Climate Change

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Bethany has a diverse academic background and research experience, her expertise lies at the intersection of wildlife management, conservation, and ecological research.
Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Ecology, Wildlife Management, and Conservation at the University of Gibraltar, her research focuses on understanding the complex dynamics between Barbary macaques within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and Gibraltar residents. Her goal is to bridge scientific research with macaque management and community and stakeholder engagement through citizen science initiatives. She also holds a BSc in Geography from the University of Portsmouth, and an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation from the University of Reading.
Her studies and professional experience span diverse fields: from invertebrate surveying and soil analysis to historical data organisation and wildlife management. She also has ecological consultancy experience where she undertook various species-specific and vegetation surveys including great crested newt, bird and bat surveys. She has also has experience working with various clients and stakeholders ensuring conservation and wildlife practices adhere to national/international environmental guidelines and frameworks (e.g. UK and Gibraltar).

How does this programme prepare students for employment/industry and their future careers?

The MSc Environmental Science and Climate Change programme offers students abundant opportunities for professional development. Through guaranteed hands-on placements, students refine field skills and conduct replicable environmental surveys applicable to both industry and academic research. An integral part of the programme is our Applied Science Conference, serving as a valuable platform for preparing students effectively for employment in the industry.
The programme’s content is developed to concentrate on relevant contemporary conservation issues, benefiting from a diverse, experienced, and expert teaching staff. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the practical and theoretical knowledge essential for successful careers in environmental science and climate change.

In what ways does the programme take an interdisciplinary approach to learning? And how does this enhance the student’s understanding of environmental issues and solutions?

Our diverse academic team from different industries ensure our students are exposed to a wide range of perspectives and holistic view of environmental issues and challenges. Under the guidance of our teaching staff, the students also engage in interdisciplinary research projects, which allows them to collaborate with peers from different backgrounds. This approach mirrors real-world environmental problem solving. Our numerous fieldwork opportunities also give our students the opportunity to practice hands-on research, and understand the importance of field skills.

Does this programme provide students with a global perspective on environmental challenges?

Yes. Our core modules cover international environmental policies, climate change, and interconnected systems. This encompasses in-depth analyses of global case studies and contemporary issues in conservation, cultivating a comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges worldwide. Moreover, we actively engage guest lecturers with global experience, enriching the teaching experience with diverse perspectives and real-world insights.
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