Internship Opportunities with us

Interested in gaining research experience or conducting a research placement abroad?
The School of Marine and Environmental Science at the University of Gibraltar can host visiting research students currently enrolled on a marine or environmental science degree (or equivalent).
This internship opportunity provides students with a comprehensive training programme to provide participants with hands-on experience, knowledge, skills, and research opportunities in marine or environmental science.


Objective and Focus:

The internship programme is designed to offer students a unique opportunity to engage in applied marine and environmental research. With a focus on practical skills development and theoretical knowledge application, interns will contribute to ongoing research topics and gain a deep understanding of the diverse ecosystems in and around Gibraltar.

Duration and Timing:

The internship programme is structured to accommodate both short-term and long-term placements, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks. The timing is flexible, aligning with academic calendars (where applicable) to encourage participation from students worldwide.

Research Themes:

Interns can choose from a variety of research themes, including marine biodiversity, climate change impact assessment, coastal ecosystem dynamics, and marine conservation. The programme is designed to cater to the diverse interests of students, offering a customisable experience aligned with their academic and career goals.

What prospective interns can attain:

Mentorship and Supervision

Each intern will be assigned a dedicated mentor, being an experienced faculty member, ensuring personalised guidance throughout the internship. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions will help interns navigate their projects and foster a supportive learning environment.

Hands-on Research

The programme emphasises practical, hands-on research experiences. Interns will actively contribute to ongoing research projects, participate in fieldwork, and gain exposure to state-of-the-art laboratory techniques. This approach ensures a holistic understanding of the research process and its real-world applications.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

To encourage a multidisciplinary approach, interns will have opportunities to collaborate with students and faculty from various disciplines within the School of Marine and Environmental Science. This collaborative environment fosters a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Professional Development/Skill Development Workshops

The internship programme includes workshops and seminars on research methodologies, data analysis, and scientific communication. Interns will also have the chance to learn from peers such as Marine & Environmental Science students enhancing their networking skills and connecting with aspiring professionals in the field.

An Enriching Experience

The internship framework for visiting students at the School of Marine and Environmental Science at the University of Gibraltar promises an enriching research exchange experience. By blending hands-on research, mentorship, and interdisciplinary collaboration, the programme aims to equip interns with the skills and knowledge needed to gain meaningful research experience in marine or environmental science.


Please contact the School of Marine and Environmental Science for details:
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Further Information

For an idea of potential research topics, please see our Research Themes and Placement Focus themes.
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