MBA | Alfred Charles Pizarro | 2021 Valedictorian

The University confers the title of valedictorian to graduates with the highest level of academic achievement among their cohort.
29th March 2022
Alfred Charles Pizarro graduated from the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme with Distinction in December 2021; having achieved the highest level of academic achievement among his cohort, Alfred received a Valedictorian award.
Since graduating from the MBA programme Alfred has been promoted to Finance & Administration Director at the Gibraltar Electricity Authority.

Alfred's Valedictory Speech

“Your Excellency, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, distinguished guests, fellow graduates, families and friends, first and foremost let me offer a huge congratulations to the Class of 2021. The hard work and dedication by all finally paid off, WE did it!
Being here today to celebrate with you all, is honestly one of the proudest moments of my life. Having graduated in 2003, I never imagined I would be graduating for a second time, let alone, receiving a Valedictorian Award.
Today would certainly not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the University of Gibraltar and the professionals it employs, in particular Ms Aine Panter and Miss Hannah Gonzalez for their guidance and continued support throughout.
I must say that talking in front of you all, in particular those of you who have lectured us throughout the course, is nerve-wracking as it feels as if I’m being graded once again. Those of you that have shared your time with me on the course, are well aware of my habit of submitting assignments minutes before the deadline. You’ll be happy to know that this speech was no different.
It is said that with every ending there is a new beginning. Today marks the end of a fantastic journey, which I have had the privilege of sharing with some amazing people from very diverse backgrounds. Our pursuit for excellence, continuous professional development and desire to learn and better ourselves, has given rise to many great friendships, which no doubt, will last a lifetime. This journey has witnessed many happy and not so happy moments. It has seen some of us shed sad and happy tears. It has allowed us to engage in meaningful discussions as part of our learnings, whilst others have dosed off every now and then as a result of the late nights spent trying to complete assignments in time for submission dates. But it is only today, that the real learning starts.

Thanks to our knowledgeable lecturers and their teachings, we are now able to incorporate areas of the topics covered into our working lives with confidence, with the aim of bettering not just our and our colleagues’ working environments and practices, but also their impact on the wider society.

I would be lying if I stood here and said that this course had been anything other than tough and challenging, in particular during the height of the pandemic, but it has certainly been worthwhile. There is no doubt in my mind, that the encouragement and advice received from our lecturers, as well as the collaboration, motivation and support of my fellow classmates, has made the journey that bit more bearable. This together with the wise counsel and constant support from my parents and family, made me believe that today was achievable.
However, my biggest and heartfelt thanks need to go out to my wife and young family who have stood beside me throughout this journey. Their patience and understanding made a difference. When I started the course, my daughter Olivia was about to turn three and my son Callum had only been born a week before. In addition to that, I had only just started a new position within the Gibraltar Electricity Authority. Some of you here now, are probably thinking that this was the perfect combination for disaster. But with the unwavering support from my wife, today, I stand here having accomplished a feat which I sometimes thought would not be possible. I would like to thank all those that have made this graduation possible. It has been an event which I am sure, none of us will forget any time soon. I wish my fellow graduates every success in their careers, I am sure they will excel just like they have done throughout the course.”
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