Student Perspective | Rohini Shukla | MBA

This course has unravelled a completely new thought process for me and opened new doors
6th January 2022
Rohini Shukla has a background in healthcare and is a student on our Masters of Business Administration. Originally from Gibraltar, Rohini wanted to a pursue a degree face to face and study close to where she lives. She wishes to use her degree to start her own practice in Gibraltar, but has found various aspects of the programme interesting since she started. She enjoys sharing with fellow course mates and enjoys taking part in University events.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gibraltar?

I have been interested in pursuing an MBA programme for some time but I did not want to study my degree online. Gibraltar is my home and I wished to attend a university where I live. The location of the university was the first aspect I considered but eventually going through the admissions process made me realise I’m making the right decision. The degree is a recognised one in the UK which was an important factor for me. The admissions staff were extremely helpful and prompt in their responses to any queries I raised which further solidified my decision to attend the University of Gibraltar.

What has been your experience of the programme so far?

Starting from the admissions process until present (the end of the first semester) I’ve had an uncomplicated journey with no hiccups.  The programme is carefully crafted and exceedingly thorough. The modules cover all the important aspects that an MBA degree should enclose. The lectures are immensely interactive and lecturers are very helpful, often going out of their way to help the students. Overall, the standard of education at the University has not failed my expectations. Although, I must say that the course is very time-consuming and a full-time MBA degree for a person currently working would be challenging, but not impossible.

How have you found student life at the University of Gibraltar?

I’ve met a lot of new and like-minded people and made friends at the university which was an enriching experience. The MBA course is very intense and demands a lot of hard work but we make time to interact and have a good time at the university campus. Our cohort consists of people from both private and public sectors. The university also organises various festive events which are quite enjoyable.

What are planning on doing once you graduate?

Coming from a healthcare background and being a dentist, specifically my original plan was either apply myself in health administration or start my own practice in Gibraltar. Nothing is set in stone although this course has unravelled a completely new thought process for me and opened new doors. I found various aspects of my course such as HR and accounting riveting and would not be averse to dabble in the corporate world.

What would you say to someone interested in studying at the University of Gibraltar?

I would say to them if you’re looking for a University where you will receive abundant individual help and attention and the lecturers will know you by your name then the University of Gibraltar is a great choice for you. Secondly, Gibraltar is a beautiful place to spend your university years.
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