Meet the Artist | Stephanie Yeo

by Stephanie Yeo
18th September 2019
The University of Gibraltar’s open plan atrium space is now more colourful thanks to emerging local artist, Stephanie Yeo. The piece, titled, ‘Perception’, consists of colourful geometric shapes which display overlapping shadows across walls and surfaces.

About the artist and her work

Stephanie Yeo is an emerging, mixed-media artist who predominantly focuses on producing large-scale light installations. Her current work consists of colourful geometric shapes, constructed with steel and Perspex, which display overlapping shadows across walls and surfaces.  She hopes to create an atmosphere of wonder within her art and aspires to encourage viewers to interact with the work on a contemplative level.
The properties of light have always been of interest to her; how it can be manipulated (on its own or through materials) to form illusions and shadows, always allowing for different perspectives to be seen or felt.  This curiosity enabled her to develop work that plays with the idea of space, perception and interactivity.
Title:                  Perception
Artist:               Stephanie Yeo

Material:          Steel rods and coloured acrylic sheets
Dimensions:   Variable

How would you like people to react and interact with your work?

“I would like people to view my art for what it is; geometrical forms placed within a room. This piece is meant to spark questions about perspective and space, how the objects interact with each other and the neighbouring materials. I would hope for the viewers to take their time in viewing my work and allow themselves to be completely aware of their surroundings; how the light reflects off the coloured shapes and casts shadows onto the adjacent walls, how the viewers can become part of the work when they allow themselves to be immersed into the idea that the space they occupy whilst viewing the piece changes and is effected by their movement.”

Who were you inspired by?

“I came across various artists who lead me to create “Perception”. This piece has been an amalgamation of three years of research and experimentation. However, if I were to mention one artist in specific, it would be James Turrell. His art encourages a state of reflexive vision which he calls ‘seeing yourself seeing’ whereby viewers would become aware of the function of their own senses and of light as a tangible substance.”

What was your best experience at uni?

“My best experience at university was being surrounded by like-minded people sharing ideas and making memories that would last a life time. Studying at a School of Art I was able to meet such interesting people with captivating stories. Through my course I was fortunate enough to travel to various places across Europe, visiting exhibitions and galleries, viewing works by great masters first hand. This all opened up my view of the world to something much larger than I could have ever imagined. I’m eternally grateful for that university experience, as it has put a fire in me to do something more than the typical 9-5 working woman.”

How do you feel about having your work displayed at the uni?

“I feel honoured, proud and blessed. Since the University of Gibraltar was built, it has been my ambition to display some of my work within its walls. I was sceptical in thinking that this idea would never come to be, but after putting myself out there and inviting Dr Fa to witness my work in person at GEMA Gallery, I received positive feedback, thus began the process of making my distant dream come true.”