Student Perspective | Albert Gonzalez | Marine Science

MSc Marine Science & Climate Change
23rd July 2020

Albert Gonzalez

Albert is a student on the Masters in Marine Science and Climate Change course at the University of Gibraltar.
From Gibraltar, Albert had obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography at the University of Northampton. He is now a GIS specialist at the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.

What attracted you to studying at University of Gibraltar and specifically, the MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change programme?

After Finishing my degree in physical geography, I wanted to further my education in an environmental field. Initially I wanted to undertake a master’s in environmental management. After working for 2 years, this course was introduced, and I decided to continue my education.

How has the MSc programme aided you in terms of skills?

The MSc programme has allowed me to further my knowledge on a variety of different aspects which I thought had minimal impact on marine ecosystems and the overall environmental health of an area.
With the addition of key experts in the field I would say my understanding of marine habitats has greatly increased. The skills gained in this MSc has aided my work and allowed a deeper understanding of marine species as well as aided in identifying them.

What is your MSc dissertation project on?

My MSc dissertation was originally investigating the composition of associated fauna on the invasive algae species Rugulopteryx okamurae.  This invasive species has spread throughout the local region (originally from Asia) and is re-structuring the benthic environment and smothering  benthic surfaces.
Due to Covid-19, the project has had to re-format from a field-based project to a desk-based one.
The desk-based review encompasses a broad spectrum of invasive species around the world, vectors of transport and reviewing best practice on mitigation measures and policy frameworks on how to deal with the introduction and effects of invasive species.

Tell us about your UniGib experience and the MSc programme how it has helped you towards your chosen career path

The overall UniGib experience has been a greatly positive one, not only do you get the help you need when you need it the most, but it goes much deeper than that. The relationships gained between your classmates and your lecturers is particularly unique and not found in many other universities around the world. The expert knowledge and interactive lectures given to the student allows them to understand difficult concepts and topics much easier than with conventional teaching. Overall, my experience is one that I would wholeheartedly recommend to prospecting students.