Student Perspective | Petros Dimitriou | Marine Science

MSc Marine Science & Climate Change
8th July 2020

What attracted you to studying at University of Gibraltar and specifically, the MSc in Marine Science and Climate Change programme?

While volunteering with the Gibraltar Museum for the last two summers of my bachelor’s degree I realised how amazing Gibraltar is and I was flooded with ideas for MSc projects related to Gibraltar. A friend of mine who started her PhD at the University of Gibraltar informed me that there was a Marine Science and Climate Change MSc that would really interest me. Coming from a Biology background a postgraduate study on Marine Science was always in my plans as I was always fascinated by the marine environment growing up in an island. While on my final year of my bachelor’s degree I discovered how interested I was in Climate Change which made this MSc course so much more interesting to me.

How has it been settling-in in a new country?

As I have previously volunteered in Gibraltar and made friends before actually moving here for my postgraduate degree, I found quite easy to settle in. It felt like returning home.

How has the MSc programme aided you in terms of skills?

During this MSc programme I got to hone previous skills and gain new ones, through a variety of assignments and practical sessions. Skill development is a very important aspect of the programme. Producing videos, infographics and posters made me discover my newfound love for science communication.
Presenting different projects and papers in front of our peers and professors helped me (almost) get over my fear of public speaking. Even the COVID-19 lockdown helped develop skills with online interviews and presentations.

What is your MSc dissertation project on?

Since before my MSc programme begun, I knew that I wanted to create a project related to molluscs.
Through a lot of idea exploration my dissertation project is focus on Patella ferruginea or the Mediterranean ribbed limpet, an endangered species of limpet on the shores of Gibraltar, and in how climate change will affect the species survival in Gibraltar, but also discuss the future of P. ferruginea ‘s conservation.

Tell us about your UniGib experience and the MSc programme how it has helped you towards your chosen career path

The University of Gibraltar offers more than a university experience, through the small class sizes it was very easy for everyone to fit in and create close bonds with each other, the professors and staff are approachable and every in every lecture we all had the chance to discuss and input our points of view on the topic.
This MSc programme was more than I expected it to be and I enjoyed every minute of it. Assignments were challenging but fun. Field and laboratory practicals were most definitely my favourite part out of the whole programme. I would highly recommend studying at the University of Gibraltar.
I haven’t yet decided what my future holds career wise as I would love to apply for a PhD sooner than later, but I would also like to get a job that would offer me real hands on experience. The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 makes things a bit more difficult but I am ready for my next step.