Graduate Profile | Bethany Wilkinson | Marine Science & Climate Change

10th February 2022
Bethany, one of our Master in Marine Science and Climate Change graduates, spoke to us about her experience studying at Unigib and where she is now.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Gibraltar?

After finishing my undergraduate degree in marine biology, I thought I was finished with education and never imagined myself doing a masters degree. I chose to study in Gibraltar as the course combines marine science along with climate change, something that I didn’t find at other universities and throughout covid the lectures were in person which was important to me. The small class size also meant you had a better learning experience and closer relationship with the lecturers. The course also provided the opportunity to study in the Mediterranean, surrounded by water, with so many field work practicals, while still being a UK aligned qualification. Getting to complete my dissertation in Gibraltar also meant I could have my own impact by completing an area of research that previously had no data. 

What are you doing now?

Currently I am on an island in the Maldives about to start an internship with Marine Savers. The internship has three main focuses: turtle rehabilitation, coral propagation and guest outreach and education. My daily tasks will include caring for injured turtles, releasing rehabilitated turtles back to the wild, helping restore coral reefs, introducing new coral artificial reef frames around the island, and the creation and presentation of educational talks for children and families about the local marine life and current threats it faces.

How did you get there?

The skills in science communication that I gained through the creation of scientific posters, Infographics and videos during my time at the University of Gibraltar aiding in me receiving a place on the internship. Also, the completion of a fieldwork based dissertation gave me valuable skills in scientific research, data analysis and report writing, as well as, time management, self-discipline and critical thinking. My previous experience working in an aquarium while completing my undergraduate degree in Scotland provided me with the necessary public speaking and customer service skills. 

Where would you like to see your career go?

Marine Science is such a diverse field with so many exciting opportunities and areas to explore, so I haven’t decided yet where I would like to see my career go. During my Master’s dissertation I studied microplastics and found it to be an area I really enjoyed with a potential to pursue a career or PhD in that direction or with citizen science and public outreach. However, as long as I am close to the ocean and doing my bit to help the local environment and encouraging others to do the same, I know I will be happy. 

What, if anything, would you have done differently during your time at the University of Gibraltar to help better prepare for your career/ life after graduation?

If I was to do anything differently during my time at the University of Gibraltar, I would have tried to volunteer more such as with beach cleans (especially helping get rid of the microplastics I studied) or taking part in more outreach with NGOs and school groups. I also wish I had gone diving more as there are so many exciting dives, wrecks and marine species to find around the shores of Gibraltar. 
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