UniGib students satisfied with response to Covid-19

Some universities have struggled to cope with some of the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. In many cases, those studying at UK universities faced disruptions to their degrees as institutions tried hard to shift teaching and learning to an online space. As a result, a recent study by the Higher Education Policy Institute has shown that just 42% of UK students were satisfied with the online learning provided by their UK University during the lockdown.

University of Gibraltar students very satisfied

The University of Gibraltar was able to respond swiftly and effectively to the Covid-19 pandemic by shifting all of its taught programmes from face to face to online within a matter of days. This resulted in little or no disruption to our students.
A recent survey showed that 83% of University of Gibraltar students rated the delivery of our online learning and level of personal support during the Covid-19 lockdown as positive or very positive.

Face to face teaching still preferred

Whilst students were satisfied with the quality of the online learning provided by University of Gibraltar because of the lockdown, they also acknowledged that there were some limitations with virtual learning with one student stating, “Good though it is, meeting virtually is never as good as actually, really meeting colleagues.”
We are committed to providing an excellent learning experience that is personal and participative. That’s why we have decided to continue the face-to-face delivery of our programmes as from September 2020.
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